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Nuja Land & House Ltd, PART

NUJA LAND & HOUSE LTD., PART is a renowned house builder of custom homes in Northeast Thailand combining the best features of the Thailand and International Standards with the results that distinctive prize winning structures have been constructed to the completed satisfaction of its clients.

Because of the successes NLHLP have enjoyed, we as house builder has been able to obtain and retain a workforce that is second to none. NLHLP success did not come easy or overnight, NLHLP responsibilities to you the client are: to construct at the lowest effective cost; to insure the quality of the works is of the highest standard; and for completing at the agreed time, has meant additional resources and effort were expended from NLHLP own pocket for insuring that at the completion of the project all parties concern walk away well satisfied.

NLHLP offers a one stop service offering prospective and valued customers:
  • Locating and obtaining desirable house building sites
  • Obtain the necessary permits and utility hook-ups
  • Developing the plans and specifications to meet your requirements
  • Develop a construction schedule to meet your moving in date.
  • Progress photos sent via email.
If you whish we can complete your house including the interior design, e.g. bathrooms, kitchen set, curtains etc.

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